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Residual Income in Retirement With eLearning

You’ve spent a lifetime gaining wisdom. Why not share that wisdom and secure a nice residual income in the process?

residual incomeHave you ever thought about writing a book? Maybe in your retirement it’s time to finally get around to making it happen. Trouble is, the market for books has changed dramatically. You want to know what’s taking its place? Live, vital online content. One of the best ways to get your message out there these days is by creating an eLearning program. And, if you play your cards right, you can create a nice residual income stream for yourself in the process.

(See this post I wrote about “Writing the Book On It“)

What is eLearning?

Quite simply, it’s lessons delivered online. Instead of pounding away at a keyboard to get a manuscript done, you create a series of lessons, possibly video (highly recommended), quizzes, maybe even certificates, whatever works best for your chosen subject matter. You then host that content on a Learning Management System (LMS) and charge people for access to your nuggets of wisdom.

A successful eLearning course can pave the way to rapid adoption of your message at a low barrier to entry. If you were to set out to become a highly paid professional speaker, you’d have to charge thousands of dollars in speaking fees in order to get your voice out there. And unless you’re already considered a “thought leader”, that can be a daunting challenge. But because the eLearning course is just sitting there waiting to be sold, you can charge a significantly smaller price for it.

Heck, you could even give it away if you wanted (caution, though, the general perception is that things are worth what you pay for them).

Once you gain traction with your eLearning course, the opportunities are limitless. Coaching? Speaking? a genuine, honest-to-goodness book? Sure. The path is yours to set.

residual income

To Earn Residual Income You Have to Get Your Course Online

Here at Opus, we use a tool called LearnDash in conjunction with WordPress. We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time working out how to get an eLearning course online with ease and can set up your course for you, including hosting, marketing, billing and delivery.

All you have to do is add content.

And we can help you with that part of the process as well.

Click here to get started.

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