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But Aren’t Those Marketing Questions?

Once you have some ideas on how to make good money from doing the things you love, now it’s time to refine the focus even more. If you’ve been following along, you now believe it’s possible to make good money from doing what you love and may have a general idea of what that would look like.

marketing questions

Now let’s refine it further. Three questions can help with that. You may think of these as marketing questions, and they are. They are also very powerful questions for helping you focus your business on what you love. You can take first two questions in either order. In fact, you will likely go back and forth between them while you come to a clearer understanding. The third question is best left until last, at least for our purposes. So here are the questions:


What products or services do you want to offer? I don’t mean generally. I mean really, really specifically. For example, if you want to offer massage, what kind of massage? Do you like giving Swedish massage? Deep Tissue? Do you like helping people address pain or range of motion challenges? Do you simply like pampering people?

This question might seem like it’s about the customer and, from a pure marketing perspective, it is. But that’s not we’re doing here. For right now, this is about being clear about what you would like to fill your days with.


Who do you want to provide your products or services to or for? Who do you want to interact with? Again, being as specific as you can. Here are some distinctions that may help. Not all of them will be relevant to you. Are they male or female? How old: are they babies, kids, teenagers, young adults, middle aged, elderly? What is their social or economic status? What ethnicity or race? What ability: are they athletes, do they have physical or other challenges, both?

You may have concerns about being that specific. Perhaps you’re thinking that everyone can benefit from your products or services. Or perhaps you think it is a form of discrimination. However, remember that this is not about excluding anybody. This is simply about focusing your attention on the people you would most love to be with. It is also makes answering the third question much easier.


Now we’re going to turn our attention away from you and toward the ‘who’ people. From their perspective and in their terms, why would they want what you have to offer? What do they long for and how do you help with that? What are their discontents and how do you help address those?

By asking this question, we’re looking at the answers we gave to the ‘what’ and ‘who’ questions from another angle. We’re testing whether the business idea is viable. If the ‘why’ seems solid and obvious, then full steam ahead! If not, then you can save yourself a lot of effort, headache, and heartache by spending more time refining the what, who, and why.
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