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What comes first? Love or Money?

Love or Money?

The last post was about the importance of focusing your business on what you love. After all, it’s what you’re spending your time, days of your life, to buy.

So now, you’ve decided that yes, I want to focus my business on what I love. And now the compromises start. After all, you’re not in business just for what you love. You also need to eat and pay the bills.

So, let’s see … If I do A, which I really love, that doesn’t pay the bills very well. But if I do B, that pays better, so maybe I should do that. It’s quite a dilemma. It’s also a false one. It comes from putting what you love and your need for money in opposition.

love or moneyThe first part of making good money from what you love is simply to believe it’s possible. No, that’s not strong enough. It’s not just something that could happen. It’s something that you can make happen.

The second part is making the choice. Demand from yourself that you’re not going to settle for anything less.

The third part is being open minded. There is a very good chance (as in greater than 90%) that it won’t look anything like what you might expect.

The fourth part is asking good questions. What would it take, for me to make good money from doing this thing I love? What would have to be added to my business for this to happen?

The fifth part is to get support in these questions from supportive, creative people. You might be too close to your situation to see it clearly. They may have ideas, resources or connections that could help you.

It may take a while to figure it out, but that’s ok. Remember, that this is the difference between buying a life that you love or a life that you don’t love.

love or money

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