This amazing new eCourse will teach you how to break through obstacles and to answer the question,
"What Comes Next for My Life?"

Transform Your Life in Just Seven Weeks


Learn to see your life with your own truth and release the judgement and expectation of others.


Learn how to break through fears and barriers to uncover what you really want next for your life.


Learn to honor your heart's desire and release the judgement of others (and self) as you pursue it.


Learn that this is YOUR life and that only you know how to make it fulfilling, rich and gracious.

Your Invitation to Transformation

What Comes Next?

Conscious Language

There's so much power in words, thoughts and images. The way you speak, the way others speak to you and the way you perceive and react to those words shapes the way you view life. By learning to be conscious of the power of words, you've taken the first step toward realizing your empowered self.

Releasing Fear

Fear of change, fear of looking foolish, fear of failure, these are little more than your ego’s way of controlling you in order to protect a sense of security and safety. When you learn to recognize fear for what it is, it will lose power over you and allow you to pursue your heart's desires.

Releasing Fear

Fear of change, fear of looking foolish, fear of failure, these are little more than your ego’s way of controlling you in order to protect a sense of security and safety. When you learn to recognize fear for what it is, it will lose power over you and allow you to pursue your heart's desires.

Harmonious Ego

You were most likely raised to believe that ego was a bad thing. Certainly, an inflated sense of self (a "big head") is not something to aspire to. But a balanced and healthy relationship with your ego will help you realize what you truly want, release judgement and overcome self doubt.

Healing Forgiveness

While it's true that your personal story has shaped your life, you are not forever doomed to replay it. The process of self-empwerment and stepping into your own power involves releasing that story through forgiveness. Forgiveness lets the story go.

Releasing Limitations

Once you've uncovered the factors that limit your ability to actively reflect and dream of your heart's desire, you then have to let them go. The tools you need to uncover and release your limitations are here for you. Are you ready to move into what comes next?

Pursuing Your Dreams

When you've finally discovered how you've been blocking your own way with expectations and external forces, you've released judgement and you understand how a healthy ego can be to your benefit, you're ready to start reaching for the dreams you've uncovered along the way.

What People are Saying

Who is Enolia Foti?

Enolia Foti is a Modern day Medicine Woman.

She walks the path set before her to Teach, Heal and Empower.

Enolia's skills span the many facets of Energetic Medicine, Language of Light, drumming, sound healing with drums and tuning forks and the arts. All focused on healing and the empowerment of the soul.

Enolia is certified as a Reiki Master and an ordained minister.

Enolia has traveled around the world to study with many native medicine people, bringing back the gift to heal the luminous body at an energetic level. Her travels and teachings include the Ojibwa nation of Canada, Lakota, Yaqui, Hopi, Apache nations of the U.S., the Q’eros of Peru, the Mapuche of Chile, the Toltec of New Mexico and the Luhya of Kenya.

She also holds a BS in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts and graduated her MBA program from Regis University in the top 1% and with honors.

Online Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Empower Yourself in Seven Short Weeks

This astounding new course is a seven week Journey to Empowerment. New lessons are made available each week over the course of the Journey, giving you ample time to craft the life you want from the one you have.

Take all the time you need with each lesson. Need more than a week? No problem.

Courses are available anytime, day or night, from computers, tablets or smartphones.

Week 1 - The Power of Words

You'll learn how to be conscious with the words you decide to use in our lifetime. You'll have an opportunity to establish a foundation of positive and heartfelt words, especially when describing yourself.

Week 2 - (Re)Defining Fear

Fear is your ego’s way of limiting how you see, how you exist and and how you live the world. Are your living or are you existing? When your ego can’t fathom your heart’s desire, limitations are the result.

Week 3 - Judgement: Where Ego Fits

You'll explore where ego plays an active role in your life. You'll learn how to acknowledge the power of your heart while still honoring your ego for its important role in your Journey.

Week 4 - Reclaiming Your Power

You'll develop tools of greater awareness to help determine if you are fully present. You'll learn how to make different decisions and shift outcomes, in big and small ways.

Week 5 - Why Forgive?

You’ll see how forgiveness helps create choice in your life and you'll realize that you're not locked into a preconditioned way of being. You'll realize that integrity within your being leads to a healthier life.

Week 6 - Getting Out Of Your Own Way

You'll learn that you must first acknowledge and notice what your limitations are, then find their source. Once you know the source of your limitations you can consciously choose to change them.

Week 7 - Where We Hold Our Power

Your center of power is in your womb. From this sacred center, you give birth to new ideas, new beginnings and new life. You'll learn to connect and ground to the Earth and acknowledge your power.

Flexible • Convenient • Comfortable

Learn At Your Own Pace

What's Included?

Seven Weeks Of Coursework

Learn at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. Each module contains video, guided relaxation and written reflections.

Online Journal

Chart your progress through the Journey and access your entries at any time. All entries are private and confidential.

Weekly Reflections

Once you've worked your way through a weekly lesson, you get the opportunity to speak to your future, fully-realized self.

Weekly Affirmations

Each week for an entire year, you'll receive an affirmation on your cell phone to help guide you through your Journey.

Grounding Exercises

Before each and every lesson, Enolia will guide you through an exercise designed to center and connect you.

Monthly Video Conference

Every month, for as long as you like, you'll be invited to attend a monthly group video conference with Enolia.

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