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The Heart of What You Love – Emotional Vision at Work

We’ve been talking a lot about focusing on what you love. If you’re like many people (me for example) you wrote down the vision of what you would most love doing and then a curious thing happened. You looked at what you wrote and noticed two things about it. First, that it’s true. You really would love to do it. Second, that the words don’t seem motivating, which is weird because you thought that you really would love it, but now you’re not so sure.

You may start talking to yourself. Poor stupid fool, you lost heart. You were wrong. You don’t really love that. Now it’s back to the drawing board (sigh with exhaustion). Will it ever end? Will I ever figure out what’s really motivating to me? Am I doomed to life-sucking work?

But what if something else is going on? Take a look at what you wrote. If you had to put it into one of the following two categories, which would you choose? Is what you wrote more like a Wikipedia entry? Or is it more like a poem or a favorite novel? I’m not talking about how long it is. Think about Wikipedia entries for a moment. They tend to be factual and have very little emotional content. If there are pictures, they are there to support the facts. Now think about poetry and novels. The really good stuff is rich with emotions and imagery. It’s almost like you’re really there.

what do you love?What we need is TWO kinds of vision. The first kind is what we already have. Let’s call it the ‘mental’ version. The second kind helps us feel the vision of what we love. Let’s call this one the ‘emotional’ vision. Both are important. It’s kind of like our eyesight. We have central vision, which is really good at focusing on specific details, and we have peripheral vision that is really good at the big picture, but not so good at the details.

So how do we create an emotional vision? Here are some steps with an example:

1. Imagine yourself into the future. Your vision is true now.I see myself 3 years from now and our business has helped thousands of people to focus their business on what they love and to become more successful.
2. How does that feel?I feel pride and deep satisfaction.
3. Make up a scene that can only happen from the vision coming to pass.I’m holding a success dinner for our clients. They’re at banquet tables, having a wonderful meal, laughing and talking among themselves. My business partner and I are lookout out into the room feeling that pride and satisfaction.

Now, whenever you think about your vision. Call up this image and feel how much you enjoy it.

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