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Focusing on What You Love (Part I)

Is there such a thing as being too creative? In reality, probably not … but it can sure seem that way. Ideas and inspirations keep bubbling up. They call, whisper, sing, and shout. They’re all saying “pick me” … “no, pick me”. They’re all really great ideas, but there is so much coming through that focusing can be a challenge.

Focusing on What you Love

One common response is to try doing everything. That’s like having a leaky aqueduct. At the top, water is rushing in from a clear, crisp mountain lake. In one place, there is a hole in the bottom, dripping onto a rock. In another place, there’s a bend clogged with branches and leaves, water backing up splashing a few bushes and draining into a hole in the ground. There are many such places. By the time the aqueduct reaches the valley and, more importantly, the tree in the middle of the valley, there’s no water left. The tree is dying.

The challenge is that, while you can do anything, you can’t do everything. You’re already not doing everything. But which stuff are you doing? Are you doing what makes you feel truly alive? Or are you doing the parts you think you should do or have to do?

Ask yourself these questions about the things you do:

  1. Does this make me feel alive? – Drop if not.
  2. What would happen if I didn’t do this? Would it get done anyway? Would it matter if it didn’t? How important is it really? Is it more important than feeling alive? – Drop if not.
  3. Does my list feel spacious? – No? Go back to 1 & 2 with higher standards.
  4. Does my list as a whole make me feel alive? – No? Make a better list and go back to 1 & 2.

Only you have the power of what you choose to focus on, of how you channel the water of your life and attention. Do you know your tree? Will it live? Or will it die?

tree of life

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