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How to Use an eLearning Course as a Marketing Vehicle

Do you remember the phrase, “That’s the person who, literally, wrote the book on it”? It used to really mean something. And with good reason. If you went through all the trouble of actually penning a real live manuscript and then it, and you, survived the publishing process, you pretty much had to know what you were talking about.

And it instantly leveled up your credibility by a huge degree.

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No More

I have a few books in me that I hope to get out one day soon. But why wait? If I were so inclined, I could hire a ghostwriter and have them do the writing, then hire a specialist to format it and make it available on Amazon with my name on it. And I could be an author without ever having touched a keyboard or wading through the sometimes tedious process of online publishing. And then I could introduce myself as the foremost expert on, say, elephant training, even though the closest I’ve come to an elephant was from the audience at a circus. I mean, hey, I wrote the book on it so trust me.

“I Wrote the Book On It” Means Diddly Squat

You know what’s hard to fake? Genuine knowledge and the competency to explain it to those who are seeking to understand what you know. And if you’re a consultant, teacher, trainer, or generally someone who is in the business of selling knowledge or insight, you couldn’t find a vehicle better than an eLearning course to prove your command of the subject matter.

Moreover, if you’re anything like the clients we work with here at Opus, you expect to be paid a living wage for dispensing your knowledge (how dare you???).

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eLearning Course Ubiquity

You only have so many hours in a day, so many days, weeks, years, etc. You can only be so many places at once. But your eLearning course can be everywhere on the interwebs at the same time. And it can work for peanuts. That is to say, your in-person programs are likely to be too expensive for people who have never heard of you to attend. YOU know the value in them, but THEY don’t.

By pricing your eLearning course nice and low (whatever that means to you, it’s all relative), you’ve just lowered the bar to adoption. And if it’s safe to assume you’ve packed that course with real and perceptible value, they’ll be chomping at the bit for more. And now that they have a sense of the value, it’ll be a lot easier to convince them to come to Fiji with you and fork over the big bucks for more teaching.

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