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Changing Hats Again – The Life of a Startup


I wrote a post a little while back about wearing too many hats.  It was kind of a gentle self-admonishment for allowing myself to get overwhelmed. I’m happy to tell you, dear reader, that I’m finally coming out of that fog.

You see, for roughly the last four months, I’ve been building a Learning Management System (LMS) from scratch.

That’s not how we wanted to do it. Originally we were seeking a partner in the LMS space who could serve our clients. Sadly, most of the existing LMS providers out there are the spawn of corporate training systems and the aesthetics and usability of their platforms shows that all too clearly.

In a word, they’re ghastly and hard to use.

So I built one.

I’ve been building sites with WordPress for a decade. How hard could it be, right?

Oh boy!

Long story short, we now have a WordPress Multi-site network utilizing LearnDash as our incredibly feature-rich LMS.

We have complete control over the design and the aesthetic and we can mount an eCourse in a matter of hours if you just bring us the content.

On top of that, we’re set up to provide hosting, process payments and handle delivery of the course.

As if that weren’t enough, we’re equipped to build stunning landing pages to sell your course and market it on your behalf via video, social media and Google.

Again, WHEW!

That’s one hell of a system we’ve built. When we started, we faced the classic challenge of not knowing what we didn’t know.

We know now, let me assure you.

Here’s the thing…

I’m not a tech guy.

I’m a marketer.

I learned to build with sites with WordPress because when I was a solo startup I couldn’t afford to hire anyone else to do it. Now I have people who can build sites for me but this project was a little too complex for a designer.

Now, four months later, I’m delighted to take off my tech hat (and hide it somewhere so no one knows I own it!) and put my marketer’s hat back on.

We’ve built the product and now I get to do the fun part, selling it.

That’s the life of a startup.

Down the road, I’ll only have one hat. When that’s the case, I’ll look back fondly on this time.

For now, all I got is one big WHEW!


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