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Blogging for Business: Finding my Voice

For weeks now, I’ve been getting up early and writing before I do anything else.  No particular topic, just writing, keeping the pen moving.  This morning, I went back and reviewed all that writing for inspiration for this blog post.  I came up with a pretty long list (Yay!) but find that when I start trying to write about them, I feel like I don’t have a place to stand, a point of view to write from.


For a while I was writing as “professor expert”, but he’s too dry, impersonal, and boring.  Telling stories about other people is problematic ethically, not to mention the practical effort involved in getting permission, changing people’s names, and so on.  And then there’s the relevance to the business.  These aren’t just random personal rants with no purpose.  They’re meant to help people get to know us better so they know whether we’re the ones to help them improve their own business and their life in their business.  So that brings up who are we as a business, who am I in the business, who am I to the clients, and who am I to be writing a blog at all?  Those are tricky questions that can be answered at multiple levels.  On one hand, I’m a business owner, like our clients, and I’m having experiences that may be relevant to them.  I am also a business and personal coach, so I help people navigate their business and personal lives and the connection between them.  So I have those stories and experiences to draw upon.  Since we’re a startup business, we have many of the same growth challenges of other currently small businesses.  And I’m a normal human being who is having some trouble finding his voice.


And that’s probably the root of it.  Who am I to have something valuable to say to you?  Answering that goes back to some of the things above.  I’m a person wearing a bunch of hats (some of them the same as yours) and having some experiences.  By showing those experiences, I can see them with new eyes for myself, and perhaps provide an example or perspective that will help you navigate your own experiences.  It’s kind of weird because it’s like I’m saying “just be yourself” to myself.  Don’t worry that you don’t have an amazing pedigree with lots of cool titles and a reputation of having written the definitive work on (insert topic here).  (Still talking to myself.)  Your unique experiences and point of view are enough.  Write about that.  Simply be yourself.  It’s a business version of something I’m reading with my life partner.  We’re reading Real Love, by Greg Baer.  (great book, I highly recommend it)  He talks about how we use getting and protecting behaviors to try to get love.  But as a result, we can’t tell whether what we’re getting is the real thing or not.  Do they love us or the image we’re projecting?

So here’s me, just giving you my real thoughts in a blog post.  It’s a lot easier to do than trying to craft a “position” and it’s a lot scarier too.  I hope it’s useful to you for finding your own voice.

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