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Finding My Voice – More on Ethics

There is also a balance to strike. In this journey of finding my voice, I started out writing as an expert, largely as if I were a 3rd person narrator. Then my pendulum swung to “oh no, I can’t tell other people’s stories, that would be unethical”, which left me telling only my own story, […]

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Blogging for Business: Finding my Voice

For weeks now, I’ve been getting up early and writing before I do anything else. No particular topic, just writing, keeping the pen moving. This morning, I went back and reviewed all that writing for inspiration for this blog post. I came up with a pretty long list (Yay!) but find that when I start […]

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The Infinite at Work – Why

This is the beginning of a multi-part series on approaching business from the Infinite side of our nature. And the first really important question is motivation. Why is this something important to talk about? Well, actually, the first question might be “what on earth are you talking about?”. So let’s go there first. It’s a […]

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