whatever your life's work is do it well

An opus is a work of art, the ultimate expression of the heart and soul of the artist who created it.

In very much the same way, a business is a reflection of the person who dreamed it, created, crafted and refined it.

At Opus Marketplace, we believe that your business should reflect the best parts of you. And that it should feed your spirit just as well as it feeds your family, if not more so.

That’s not to say that it will all be sunshine and lollipops, running a business is hard work. But if you can align your needs and desires with the shape of your business, it will be worth every ounce of sweat you pour into its care and feeding. It can become your masterpiece, your magnum opus.

What We Do

icebergOn the surface, we create and implement marketing and sales campaigns on your behalf. We also handle billing and scheduling appointments, ticket delivery and eLearning program delivery, all via our proprietary technology, the Opus App.

We’re built to handle mostly service businesses as opposed to physical products and we use the web for our promotions – Pay per Click, Social Media, SEO, Public Relations, that sort of thing.

At our core, however, we’re so much more than a marketing company. For one thing, you don’t hire Opus, you team up with us. Together, we work through the challenges you’re facing in your business and craft strategies to implement the kind of changes that will bring your business and your needs in alignment.

For all-too-many businesses, the primary challenge is a lack of cash flow – hence the sales and marketing focus. But once you’ve overcome that hurdle, what’s next?

If you could wake up tomorrow and your business was everything you’d ever hoped it would be, what would it look like? You might want to just sit with that question for a moment. And then ask yourself what it would take to get there.


Another thing that sets Opus apart is our network. Running a business can be lonely and isolating. Ironically, you’re surrounded by other lonely business owners and each of you could be supporting one another.

Through the Opus App, we’re connecting you to them for services, support and resources.

How it Works

Opus is performance-based. That means we don’t get paid unless you do.

When we produce a sale for you, a small percentage of the revenue goes to us while the lion’s share is deposited in your bank, automagically. You get a notification of the sale and your appointment is scheduled, or your eLearning program is delivered, or a ticket is generated, whatever it is that you’re offering the world through your business.

There’s a minor monetary commitment required on your part while we develop your campaign but it’s at our cost. It’ll blow your mind how small it is when you see the proposal.

That’s the one and only check you’ll write us, ever. After that, the rising tide will raise all our ships.

What Does it All Mean?

It means that you get to focus your attention on doing what you do best. And because you’re not out chasing down leads or trying to get paid or trying to update your social media feed or running your books after dinner, you have more time to devote to your family, your community, yourself, whatever it is that refreshes and renews your spirit and keeps you coming back, smiling.

Who is Opus Marketplace?


Aric Rohner – Co-founder

Aric RohnerAric is a visionary and solver. He spent 30 years in Information Technology, working for EDS and HP, ending up as an Information Systems Architect and security specialist. During that time, he had lots of interesting work to do and a great salary but was vaguely dissatisfied without really knowing why.

He also has a deep curiosity about personal and spiritual growth. He has been coaching and mentoring people for years and is co-authoring a book on the Enneagram.

What really lights him up is helping people connect with and achieve their dreams — having the deeper conversations with people, who are ready for things to change for the better, about what fills them and how they are receiving that in their life and in their business.

Starting Opus Marketplace with Carl is a fountain of blessing for Aric because he gets to combine and use all of his business, technical, and coaching skills at the same time for a really worthwhile purpose.

Carl Donovan – Co-founder

Carl DonovanCarl is one of those entrepreneurs who gravitated toward business because he found the workaday routine to be brain-numbingly boring. Thankfully, Carl was raised in a time when ADHD kids weren’t drugged into normalcy, just given less sugar. As a result, he was free to develop a keen appreciation for change, exploration and creativity.

Not counting kid ventures like selling hand-made flutes and leather belts to tourists in New Orleans’ French Quarter or hawking newspaper subscriptions door-to-door, Carl has started three businesses in his time, Opus being the fourth.

Which is to say, he knows how thrilling, overwhelming and isolating entrepreneurship can be.

In a time of intense polarization and uncertainty, Carl feels, isolation is the last thing business owners should have to face. Instead, uncertain times call on us to come together, join forces, pool our resources and raise our collective ships.

Carl’s focus is primarily on marketing and analytics though, like any good ‘trep with a focus problem, he tends to wear a lot of hats. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.